Still in Novato

Still in Novato

We capped off the self-propelled part of the trip by walking across the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was about a two mile hike with incredible views the entire way.  That is truly a magnificent piece of engineering.  There is a fair amount of exposure (height) on the shared path for walkers and bikers going both ways.  There were also workers and even carts on the path.  I can honestly say that on the walk I never once thought that I wished that I was on a bike with a heavy load speeding weaving through the chaos.

Typical for the trip, I did have a blowout on my sneaker in the middle of the bridge.  Luckily, I was caring a flip flop as a spare.

Jan is doing great and loved the hike.  She wants to make sure we have time for daily hikes as we make our way down the coast.  She showed off her limited dexterity last night by eating sushi with chopsticks.  She didn’t score well on artistic merit, but completed the routine.

I got a call from the bike store that was preparing Jan’s bike for shipping.  They told me that her breaks had worn through the pads and they had done damage to the carbon rims.  They said cracks were present and that she shouldn’t ride on it until the wheel is replaced as it was likely to fail.  Again it appears the the ride was halted just in time.

We head down the road Wednesday.  We will keep blogging as we go.



  1. Congrats on your 1200 adventure. All of the good karma you have built up over the years let you get close to your friends house when the mis-hap occurred. We have enjoyed your blog and feel like we have almost been with you on this trip. You’d think such a smart Engineer like you would use “spell check” a bit more, (from a Political Science major) but……whatever……. It adds character to your writing. ha ha All the best to you as you finish the journey with hikes and car rides.

    1. Two finger typing late at night with my editor snoring next to me lends to the errors. Spell check often finds some embarrassing changes.

  2. Yeah!! Happy to know the blog will continue and hiking along Pacific Coast is now on. Sushi seems like quit a challenge-not for Jan! Love the smiling photos 🚗

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