San Simeon to Pismo Beach

San Simeon to Pismo Beach

We are heading into Central California wine country the next two days.  Since Jan and I don’t know a lot about wines, we streamed the movie Sideways to educate us so we wouldn’t commit a faux pas.  All I learned was to not disrespect another man’s Pinot.

We decided to take a back road to Paso Robles.  It was a long windy road that was include on one of the supported bike rides we looked at for the future that would be the last day on a ride over Big Sur.  It was listed as one of the steepest climbs in California.  It was a beautiful ride up a shady windy creek with little traffic and a steep climb at the top.  From there you could look back at the valley you just climbed and see all the way back to the ocean.  I did find the climb was easier in a car.

The wine country around Paso Robles was pretty amazing to see as there are over 200 wineries in the area dotting every hill side.  I have to say that I don’t get the business model.  It doesn’t seem to make sense that anyone would think it was a good idea to invest millions of dollars into a business to compete against 100 neighboring businesses making the exact same product and thinking they could make a better product than everyone else.  I’d bet the under on this.

We visited California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo.  I think that would be a wonderful place to go to school or teach.  I just love the feel of a university in a small town.

We finished our day in Pismo Beach.  While I think we are probably still in central California, the town looked to be the beginning of Southern California.  The most obvious sign is that this is the first beach from the Canadian border down that beach goers actually enter the water.

Tomorrow we go down to Santa Barbara where we will spent three days.  Jan and I really love the area and considered moving there before we ended up in Tucson.




  1. Here’s a quick “small world” story. I was just at a home on Mesa Drive, in your old neighborhood, last week. Wow, did they have a view over the cliffs and of the mountains to the west. I did not realize that this road went up to the top of the mesa, over-looking the lower neighborhood where you used to live. I was there for a Porsche Club meeting to discuss our High Performance Driver’s Education committee topics for next year’s driving season. Cheers!

    1. I recently met a woman down in Tucson who lived there in Happy Canyon at the same time we did. Because of the 1-2 acre spacing of the lots, the only people we knew there were houses where I dogs ran away to visit because they gave them snacks.

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