San Simeon Rest Day

San Simeon Rest Day

Pictured above is the San Simeon pier.
it’s a rest day today, so I will start with some morning thoughts.  In preparation for our ride, I bought Apple watches for both Jan and I.  The primary reason was so we would always have a communication device with us if we got separated.  It also could track our biking during the day and provide some navigational support.  In using them, we found that they had a number of useful health and medical features such as measuring your heart rate throughout the day, analyzing sleep activity (trips to the bathroom, raids on the refrigerator, visits to the next-door neighbor etc.) and can even do an EKG.  Basically, the watch can do an entire annual physical for me, except the prostate exam (still working out the bugs for that app).

When Jan had her bicycle accident, the watch detected it and was ready to call 911 for her.  I thought this was a pretty cool feature, as long as it doesn’t detect my constant stumbling.  I also found that as I got in better shape during the ride, my resting heart rate, which is usually low, dropped to 40 and this triggered alarms by the watch.  For example, I just checked my watch and the stress and excitement of two finger blogging has jacked my heart rate up to 48 now (could be the caffeine too).  Anyway, I don’t know what the watch will do if my HR drops any lower, but I have been getting looks from ambulances driving by.  Ah, living in the connected world.

This morning we took a tour of the lighthouse we hiked by yesterday.  I immediately found out it was not the Bud Light House after all (I apologize for that misinformation) and there would be no free beer.  Jan had tricked me into taking a tour.

I do have to admit that they had enough cool technical information in the tour to keep me interested such as combustion (oil fired lamp), optical physics (Fresnel lens) and mechanical engineering (the mechanism to turn the light was a weight on a chain like a giant grandfather clock that the operators had to keep cranking up).

While in San Simeon, Jan and I decided to do some real estate shopping today, but again had more bad luck on timing.  We found out the road to the Hearst Castle has been closed due to damage by storms.  This was another disappointment, but in reading about the listing online I saw they had 40 bathrooms.  I made a quick calculation and decided that the price of reading glasses alone would probably put this out of our price range.

However, I know you were looking forward to expert photojournalistic impressions, so let’s start with a picture of us (an USie) at the front gate being welcomed to the castle.

This one gives a good overall perspective of the castle.

Here is a closeup for those that wanted to see the details.

While walking through town and on the tour this morning, I was upset by how judgmental people are.  When they see a woman with a boxer’s fracture on one hand and a similar injury on the other they automatically assume that she got it from beating up her husband.  While I appreciate the sympathy I have been receiving, I think it is very unfair to Jan.  Although, I have heard a few women mumble as we walked by “he probably deserved it”.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Since it’s Saturday and Jan has the day off, she decided to substitute an art photo.




  1. Many, many, years ago Cheryl and I were driving highway 1 from Carmel to Hearst Castle. The night before I had eaten some abalone. It turns out I’m allergic to it so became very sick on that drive. Cheryl had to pull over on every other winding turn to let me “gather” myself. Hearst Castle sure was beautiful though! Ah, the memories.

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San Simeon Rest Day

Pictured above is the San Simeon pier. it’s a rest day today, so I will