Our Equipment

Our Equipments

We wanted to acknowledge the specialty cycling equipment companies that we have selected for our trip. Since we have been planning this trip for two to three years, we put in a lot of thought in choosing advanced, dependable, and innovative equipment that would play an important role in the success of our trip.

What we used

You will see our specific equipment in our pictures, and below are links to the companies that produced these wonderful products. A special thanks to Techletics that provided support for development of this Blog site.

In 1950. The man’s name: Kinji Shimizu. And in fourteen short years, he’d go from lugging clothing on a bike to redefining what every cyclist wore on them.

Parlee Cycles perfecting lay-up schedules and molding techniques, they can create lighter, faster, more comfortable bikes.
One of Tucson’s oldest bike shops. We have been loving, riding, fixing, and selling bikes since 1973.

Racks and bags for the ultimate racing and bikepacking adventures or simple day-to-day commutes. Beautiful, lightweight and easy to use.

Based in Portland, Oregon Showers Pass is made up of a select team of outdoor enthusiasts who bike, run, hike climb and play in the outdoors.

Fitworks’ Kurt Rosenquist is focused on maximizing your performance, efficiency and comfort, and demystifying form and technique.

Designing health and wellness solutions for employers to address neck and back pain in the workforce