Otter Rock to Heceta Beach, OR

Otter Rock to Heceta Beach, OR

We woke up to fog but clear skies, so the storm was finally gone.  It was going to be a perfect day of riding with sunny skies, temperatures in the mid sixties, and best of all the 15 mph headwind we faced the last three days was replaced by a 15 mph tailwind.  We were going to need this as we had a 62 mile day with 3000 feet of climbing ahead of us.

Today we passed two old light houses lighthouses, one in Newport on the right and one north of Heceta below on the left.

Still looking for a bicycle store, the one in Newport was closed on Mondays.  However, we scored big in Waldport with a great bike shop called the Green Bike Shop.  They are a local nonprofit run by volunteers to get more bikes for the community and to support the trekkers riding down the coast with free access to tools, parts, and bathrooms.  The had a good supply of tires and tubes and had a perfect fit for me.  They gave us lube for our bikes which was badly needed after days of riding in the rain and washing them before taking them into our rooms.  It also had a coffee shop adjacent to it so was a gathering place for all the bikers.  We met several groups and talked for quite a while including a couple from Toronto on a tandem pulling a trailer.  We ran into them three times during the day as it appears we are on the same schedule.  We met a couple seniors who were camping and had their bikes loaded.  With heavier loads they had to go with beefier steel bikes and larger tires.  As a result, they were above 60 pounds.  We felt pretty light after talking to them.


Interesting store across the street.

Two particular challenges for cycles on this ride are bridges and tunnels.  Bridges are the scariest and there are a bunch of them in Oregon.  Because they were built without cycling in mind they have absolutely no shoulders.  If you squeeze next to the rails, the cars will pass at will leaving you no space.  The only solution is to take a wider berth, forcing cars to wait until the opposing lane is open to pass.  Most cars understand this and wait patiently until we are across the bridge and the shoulder reappear. Some don’t appreciate the wait and let us know with horns and shouts.  One honked the entire length of the bridge expecting us to disappear.  I just took it as their way of cheering us on.  Tunnels are intimidating, because again there is no space between the road and the walls.  However, they have them set up where a cyclist hits a button at the beginning of the tunnel and lights flash to warn cars that they must slow for bikes in the tunnel.  Pretty cool.

The rest of the ride down the coast with sunny skies and dramatic views of the ocean from roads built along steep cliffs could not have been more spectacular.

We got to our night stay on the and finished our day with a walk on the beach, hot tub, and even a sunset (no green flash though).

JD’s Daily Haiku

Lunch visitor
Tenth floor Pelican
a window sill balance act
eyeing the steamers
Crocus bulbs blooming
dandelions on the bank
sign of season
At Green bike Co-op
a home for recycled bikes
riders congregate
Final spectacle
carries a tired me home
Heceta lighthouse





  1. Glad you had a day when Oregon treated you right. Love that lighthouse section of the coast. Just got some new tires and sealant – will think of you during the install… M

    1. This morning’s change out of the new tire involved putting the wheel rim on the edge of the bath tub, putting on one bike shoe, holding onto the shower curtain for balance and then stomping on the tire.
      It worked! What? You were expecting a different outcome?

      1. ….and I have been bloodying my knuckles all these years to get a tire on/off the rim of my road bike, when its as easy as using a bath tub???

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