Novato to Monterey

Novato to Monterey

I have decided to continue to blog the rest of the way, or until the whistle blower next to me testifies to Congress that my blog stresses out adolescent girls (and older women).

We started out the 2nd phase of the trip with SAG+ support.  That’s where the SAG vehicle not only carries the gear, but the bike and the riders as well.  I started the day’s drive the same way I started all the other days rides, singing Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again.  The only difference was that I had to sing quietly to myself because I don’t sound as good in the car with someone as I do alone on my bike.  I also found that with a couple days rest, my legs felt fresh all day.  I didn’t once cramp up hitting the gas pedal.

The plan was to drive the same route that we had mapped for our cycling trip.  That way we can see how comfortable we might be doing the rest of the trip.  I found two primary differences with this new mode of transportation.  First with Jan right next to me the whole time, she was able to give me much more advice.  Secondly, she didn’t start cursing at me every time the road turned uphill.

As with much of the trip, we had bad timing again today when after riding through two and a third states we discovered Mazzetti’s bakery in Pacifica.

Why is this bad timing?  After over three weeks of riding we discover a great bakery on the first day that we weren’t burning an extra 3000-4000 calories a day on our bikes.  That meant no guilt free binging so we could only look.

But wait, aren’t we on an important mission to thoroughly research this trip?  And doesn’t this involve food, and therefore won’t the FDA require real test data on human subjects? So it looks like we will have to take one for the team here and be test dummies.

So now we can give a review of Mazzetti’s.  However, since we are in California we have to provide a series of safety and nutrition and health disclosures first.  First safety:  looking at the sun through a donut hole can cause blindness.  The health and nutrition guidelines are very extensive, so I decided to use the more general guidance from the noted public health expert Taj Mahal:  “The doctors said it’ll kill me but they didn’t say when”.

So for the review, I was going to get fancy and use a video of a dead celebrity, but I am too old to know how to embed a meme video in a WordPress document.  So everyone will have to say in your own best inner Chris Farley voice “That was Awesome!”

Now a little bit about the drive (potential ride).  Heading immediately right off the Golden Gate took me to a part of SF that I was unfamiliar with as we drove through the Presidio to the beach then by the Olympic CC.  It was an order of magnitude more chill than all other parts of the city.  It seemed liked all the chaos, noise, and pressure immediately went away.  We both decided we would really enjoy that part of the ride.  There are a few hills, but this is San Francisco.

Between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz we were guided off of busy Highway 1 and had a long excursion on Stage road.  We immediately lost all traffic as the narrow winding road meandered through hills and fields.  The silence, solitude and scenic beauty would make the this a great ride.  Hills? Yes, even in a car you noticed a significant amount of climbing, but wonderful down hills back to the coast followed.

Here was a great section through a tunnel of giant eucalyptus trees.

The section between Santa Cruz and Monterey led down the coast and mostly off of Highway 1.

The greasiest part of this leg was doing through giant agricultural fields that the Castro Valley is known for.  We were surrounded by acres and acres of strawberries as far as the eyes could sea.  It was like strawberry fields forever.  That would be the down side of riding here because you could not avoid having that tune going through head, leading to a cadence that would be about 4 MPH.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Feeling wind and power,
hearing birds and rumble strips,
smelling sharp sea salt
San Gregorio
to Pescadero on Stage Road,
8 miles of rural bliss
Pajaro Valley
Miles of strawberries
a few crews to harvest,
an endless pursuit
For only a buck
5 ripe avocados or
9 huge artichokes

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