Monterey to Big Sur

Monterey to Big Sur

This morning at breakfast, we decided that we were going to have to modify our eating habits as we were no longer burning an extra 3000 calories each day.  Breakfast was probably the meal that was most different than our normal day to day.  On the ride we found that we really had to load up on breakfast because we woke up hungry, and there was always the uncertainty that we may not find lunch open down the road.  To change our eating habits back to normal, we would just have to eliminate the “and” in the order(as in eggs and potatoes and bacon and pancakes).  We decided that we would make this change tomorrow or the next day.

I finally got a latte that met my expectations.  After breakfast, I went up to the owner and told him that I had been riding down the coast from Canada sampling coffee, and this was the best in three states.  He got excited and yelled that to the barista who beamed.  I think I got him a raise.

After breakfast we went for a walk in Monterey and found there were jelly fish everywhere we looked.  It was totally out of control.

It was almost like we were in a giant aquarium.

We then took a drive to Carmel on the scenic  17 mile drive.  We passed through Pebble Beach, where Jan and I have played a couple times.  The last time I played, I parred the par 5 18th hole from the pro tees to win…well, I won the right to say in the bar that I parred the last hole. You play the pro tees because they can’t go back any further without a boat.  It’s also easier for the amateur than the pros because we don’t have to worry about many things like hitting it too far that the lone tree gets in the way, nor have to make a hard decision about whether to go for the green in two, nor worry about eagle or birdie putts.  All we have to do is keep our ball on the East side of the ocean, scramble, sink the 10 footer for par, and then head for the bar (now that’s poetry).

We also drove by Cypress Point Club which I thought was even prettier than Pebble.  I went in to ask about membership, and they told me that I should be getting my invitation in the mail in a couple weeks.  I have to remember to keep an eye out for it, as well as look to see if my invitation to join Augusta arrived while I was gone.

While we were driving around, we decided to look at real estate.  The houses were really beautiful and reasonably priced.  I didn’t have my reading glasses, but I pretty sure that was a decimal point and not a comma.

After Carmel, we headed down the coast on Highway 1.  This was the part that we were really forward to, and it did not disappoint.  There were long incredible vistas down the coast and in some places you could see ten or more miles of what laid ahead.  It would have been a perfect day for the ride, sunny and cool and wind from the North.  We found ourselves with our heads down and leaning into the curves.  It was a little exposed to traffic but it looked like October and the middle of the week to be about as good as it gets.


After we settled in at the motel at Ragged Point, we had a group meeting with a cocktail overlooking the coast and decided we would have to come back and do that on a bike.  JD even started googling to see about supported rides as it would be more fun with a motorized Sherpa next time.
JD’s Daily Haiku
Top ten for all kids,
hungry fish eating sardines.
Retirees enthralled.
How does a village
exude such style and comfort,
with such narrow streets
Big Sur
Why one stretch of coast
outshines the adjacent views
Steep cliffs into water.
Ragged point
Horizontal cypress,
can nature be surpassed
by gardening?
Courage waning while
car enclosed on windy roads.
Biking Big Sur calls!

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