Manzanita to Pacific City, OR

Manzanita to Pacific City, OR

As you can see from the lead picture that we have decided to the ride whole Alaska to Patagonia and beyond Pacific Coast Route.  We are pretty tired from riding  all the way to the  Anchorage Motel but now we have photo evidence.  We’ll get the Patagonia picture later in the trip.

We road through beautiful meadows, rivers and lakes as 101 took us away from the coast today.

We had lunch in the town of Tillamook the cheese place.  When I would see Tillamook cheese in the store, I always assumed it was ain’t Wisconsin, yet here it was 15 miles from the Oregon coast.  Jan had a grilled cheese for lunch because she wanted a locally sourced food.

Jan kept looking at her shoes because she thought that she had ridden  through manure as there was a pervasive odor.  I had to explain to her where cheese came from.  Seems like she should have had that discussion as a child with her parents.

Jan’s Daily Haiku

Advised to shelter
Mighty Mike disregards all
little rain falls
Rain gear tested
the pants from Lou; coat from Mike
wet outside; dry in
Like the Lock Ness
does a monster inhabit
an Oregon slough
Tillamook county
grazes quite a few cows
Holsteins surround






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