Klamath to Eureka, CA

Klamath to Eureka, CA

Today’s puzzle from the picture above is called “Where’s JD?”.
When I would tell people that we were going to stay in Klamath, nobody had heard of it.  This surprised me because I had heard about it for quite a while.  We’ll it turns out what I was thinking about was Klamath Falls, OR.  Klamath, CA turns out to be a small town off of 101 that is  one block wide and a couple blocks long.  It is on an Indian reservation and the Holiday Inn Express is actually the casino.  They are having a problem with their water tank and are on boiled water only so we couldn’t drink the water in our room.  They had absolutely no cell service and when I called the front desk to ask if the restaurant was open she said she just looked over there and it doesn’t look open (turns out there were serving sandwiches so we got to eat).  Needless to say, our first night in CA was not glamorous.

When we start out in the morning it’s usually a little chilly, low 50’s.  So it’s always nice to start out with a climb as it  warms you up quickly, and gets some vertical out of the way.  Today we climbed for the the first five miles and then turned off of 101 and climbed another two miles into the Redwoods national Park.  Toward the top of the climb, a car pulled over next to JD and told her that her light fell off her bike back down the hill.  She said that it was lost then because she was too tired to ride the hill again and rode off.  The car turned around and went back to pick up her light and gave it to her at the bottom of the next hill.  Wow, there are still great people out there doing stuff for strangers.  Good Karma for them.
The traffic was light because it was Sunday morning, and then practically no cars took this detour.  Plus commercial vehicles were banned from the road.  So JD and I had this road to ourselves which became a 7 mile gradual descent (no peddling or breaking required) allowing us to cruise through this magnificent private reserve with just the two of us and 1000s of our giant friends.  A memory that will last forever for us.

It’s hard to tell from the picture below, but that is a single tree trunk.  When you stop for a pee break in a redwood forest, there is unlimited privacy.

We saw these boys down the road in front of someone’s house and thought they were statues until one moved.

We found the girls down the road.  They were all in an area called Elk Meadow.  Where do they come up with the names of these places?

Rode back to the coast and heard a huge racket; JD thought it was an argument.  Turned out to be a disagreement among the sea lions on a nearby rock island.

We had a wonderful lunch in the little beach town called Trinidad.  I had never heard of it, but it was probably the coolest beach town we’d been through.  It was a beautiful isolated spot with great scenery and what looked like good surf with a long break.  Most surfers we’ve seen so far.

The guide books sent us down a couple of roads today that after a couple of miles and when we were fully committed, the pavement suddenly disappeared leaving rocky rough roads.  With our skinny tires with the delicate personalities, we were lucky to come out of that unscathed.

JD’S Daily Haiku

Tourist trap
Preserving redwoods

idolizing Paul Bunyan,

appealing to all
Could one envision,
beast mightier than trees
standing near redwoods
Big Tree State Park
a funny understatement.
Oak and elm are big.




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