Gualala to Bodega Bay, CA

Gualala to Bodega Bay, CA

I learned this morning that those flowers that I highlighted on yesterday’s blog are called ‘Naked Ladies’ – Aka amaryllis belladonna.  If you don’t believe me Google “ naked ladies”.  Wait!  I just tried that and it doesn’t bring up pictures so flowers. Google instead “amaryllis belladonna”.  I apologize to anyone that was offended by the picture of the naked ladies.  In the future to protect the more sensitive readers, I will put all pictures of naked ladies on a separate page where you have to click a box to agree that you are over 65.

Now let’s switch to the topic of church so you can rid yourself of those impure thoughts.  We stopped at the beautiful Sea Ranch Shell Chapel.  This is where our friends Judy and Tom got married a 25+ years ago.  We will be staying with them this weekend in Marin County.  It is really a lovely intimate spot.

The ride down the coast was again very special.  This particular section we have driven 3 or 4 times in the past, but we both agreed that it was more beautiful that we remembered.  I think when you are driving at 45+ you get glimpses of the beauty, but when you are fully engulfed in it at a speed of 12 mph with all senses active you really appreciate what you are experiencing.  I felt the same way in the redwood forests that the cars racing through were seeing the general forest, and we were seeing and smelling and feeling the individual trees.  This is one of the reasons we cycle.

Traffic wasn’t too bad and Inspite of having no shoulders, it was a wonderful ride. I did have a close encounter with a truck carrying dried agricultural product in rectangular bales.  When he got too close, I yelled “hay” at him.  I hate to use such harsh language, but I think he learned his lesson.

Our lunch spot on the Russian River.

Backing up to the morning’s visit I to church, when I was leaving, I brushed my tire against a wood post and a bulge in the side wall emerged.  I didn’t feel like dealing with it first thing in the morning so I rode on.  It seemed to get worse during the day so I let some air out and kept riding.  This is what it looked like when I checked into the inn.

So going to a church causes damage to my tire, but through some miracle, I am able to ride 50 miles.  This is a mixed message at best and very confusing to me about what is the meaning of all this.  Since it was a nondenominational chapel, I don’t even know who’s responsible.

We had special guests join us for dinner, Nina and Dave.  Nina is a long-time friend and former business partner of my most successful company.  It was great catching up with her and her family and hearing about her new career.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Fencing pens the cows
and the beautiful sea ranch
to keep in, or out
Unlimited resources,
choose a cottage at sea ranch-
links course and stable
Tom and Judy
The Sea Ranch Chapel
spiritual renewal
or eye candy
Blown down the coast
by 10 mile an hour tailwind.
Perfect conditions
Glad to find Jenner
after a long steep hard climb,
celebrate with crab!
Sleeping in Bodega Bay
movie setting for “The Birds.”
Not sure a sound sleep






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