Fort Bragg to Gualala, Ca

Fort Bragg to Gualala, Ca

These beautiful flowers are in found small patches at various places along the coast.  Because of the local drought, every thing else is brown so they really stand out in contrast.  At first we thought the were fake because of their unusual location and the fact that they are in full bloom going into October.  We don’t know what they are, but they are decorating our ride.

The day off really helped the recovery process and I started out with fresh legs.  It felt great riding from the start of a beautiful day.

I had a personal achievement today that made me feel good.  I passed one of the signs with built in radar that tells you your speed and flashes if you’re going to fast.  When I passed the sign it began flashing and told me I was speeding.  Yeah!  Wether I was going uphill or downhill at the time is just not relevant to this conversation.  I could tell you that that the police tried chasing me down to give me a ticket but couldn’t catch me, but I think that even conspiracy theorists might question that.

The ride was very enjoyable today especially once we got south of the 128 intersection.  Highway 1 down to the Golden Gate is very curvy and slow going so most of the traffic took the 128 to cut over to 101 leaving us with a more solitary experience.  Even though it was 63 miles with 3700 ft of climbing, it was a gentle grade that allowed us to peddle and enjoy the views.

Since I didn’t get any pictures on the rainy day, I took more time today to get a good sampling of our beautiful ride down the coast.  The navigation system telling us to keep the ocean on our right is working great.


Here was a pretty cool cave.  We thought there might be buried treasure they, but we didn’t want to carry any more weight.


The day’s ride led us to the Surf Motel in Gualala.  First let me correct you so you won’t embarrass yourself by mispronouncing the name of the town.  We locals and insiders know that the g  is pronounced as a w so we are in Wau-la-la.  I don’t think they are big enough to have a high school, but if they did I don’t think they would strike fear in the hearts of their opponents even with a fierce mascot name like the Wauala Savages.

It is a beautiful location, food was delish, and the birds put on an aerial show for us.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Although not native
Eucalyptus conjures CA,
a sublime fragrance
Vulture flying low
checking out the bikers-
not yet overdone
Cattle ranching
along the ocean cliffs-
high rent farm district
Invasive pampas grass
identifying the wind,
textures coastal roads
Canada to Mexico
this trip is not downhill.
Left down, but right up
Sea flowers
Amaryllis bloom
decorating gravestones
in pink paradise



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