Eureka to Redway, CA

Eureka to Redway, CA

The quiz today is where does the word sag come from?  To a cyclist it’s a word common in his vernacular and knows what it means and that it can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective.  However, when I told my visiting brother that he could be our sag, he didn’t know what it meant and thought it was an insult or maybe the wrong end of a prison cell mate relationship.

He asked where the word came from, and we couldn’t tell him.  JD guessed that it came from the sag vehicle sagging behind.  I guessed it was an acronym where the S was support (although it did take me 15 min to come up with the word acronym).  We got out the box of knowledge, and looked it up and it stands for Support And Gear.    Bob was there for support but didn’t have any gear only a dog so that would be SAD, which is just sad. So we lent him some of our gear to drive to the next stop so he could get his SAG designation.  It wasn’t bad for because believe it or not it is easier to ride uphill without loaded saddlebags. This explains why theTour de France guys don’t carry panniers.
Just one day with my brother and JD’s dietary discipline totally fell apart.  Went to Denny’s (only choice) and she ordered the Grand Slam and a chocolate milkshake.  We’ll it was going to be a long day, 73 miles and nearly 4000 ft of climbing.

Not many pics today as it rained hard most of the day.  I did snap this one before it started to rain as a place we decided not to stop for a bite to eat.

Too tired to write last night and have another 70 miles today with a huge climb so I have to get going.  I do have to say that if you have to spend a day riding in the rain, we couldn’t think of anyplace better than riding the 30 miles through the Avenue of the Giants.  It was like a tunnel through the forest with good roads and little traffic.  We felt totally embraced by the redwoods which protected us from the worst of the weather.




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  1. When did Rob shrink or you grew? Don’t tell him I asked. I hate listening to the hour of crying and his explaining. Stay safe.

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