Elma to Raymond, WA

Elma to Raymond, WA

We decided on the motel continental breakfast rather than the homemade cow pie biscuits at the Rusty Tractor because JD wanted to get an early start this morning.  However, in an attempt to impress JD with my strength, I blew a hole in my back tire with a hand pump.  She wasn’t impressed and I had a tire with sealant spraying out of the tubeless tire.  I let it settle down and then pumped it up again and we took off.  However, a mile down the road it was flat again.  This was worrisome as we are in area in WA where there we won’t see a bike shop for another two days (lots of gun and fishing stores though).  I pumped it up again and hoped that the sealant would do its job, and I was pleased to find it held for the rest of the day.  I’ll pick up more sealant and a valve tool tomorrow after another 50 miles when we reach Astoria.

Later down the road we passed the Satsop nuclear power plant.  It’s good to see that Washington had the foresight to include the best source of carbon free baseload electricity into its energy mix to enable the use of more intermittent solar and wind generators.  Wait, what! They never finished it and shut it down.  Whoops, never mind.


We had a heavy head wind from the west for the first 12 miles, but then we turned south on the 101 and took off for the next 26 miles without stopping.  We got into Raymond on the Willapa too early to check in so we had a nice lunch on the River where I met an old fishing buddy.  He was a little rusty, but I knew how he felt.

Since we were in town early, we decided to try and get a massage (the Tour de France riders get one every day).  We searched the internet and found three in town, but upon further review they were no longer open for business.

I then decided to plan way ahead (like one day) and see if I could book a massage for the next day in Astoria.  Multiple choices, but they were all booked up for two weeks.  These people are just not meeting my schedule.  Maybe I’ll just wait and have a 48 hour massage in Tucson when I get back.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Yellow leaves floating
on the wind toward the ground
carpeting the road
White caterpillar
bravely crossing the shoulder
to get to the road
Four hills to Raymond
grand entrance for a small town
with steel sculptures
Oyster capital
Willapa Bay Washington
fried, stewed or nude
Nuclear power
unrealized opportunity
for green energy




  1. Jan, I’m enjoying your Haiku comments- very creative. Don and I drove through Raymond last week leaving Washington for Arizona and continually thought of you guys riding this route, as I lazily reclined my Audi seat 🚗. I hope you got some Willapa Bay oysters🦪 Donna

    1. We had a dozen Willapa oysters last night. Yum. They would be better with tequila but we have had to cut back our alcohol consumption. Beer is tasting pretty good.

  2. It’s great you are making new friends – dogs, fishermen. So enjoying your great sense of humor and Jan’s Haiku. Thanks!

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