Day off in Port Townsend

Hiking on Larry Scott Trail

Day off in Port Townsend

We decided to schedule a rest day on Sunday in Port Townsend to visit with Patti and Dave, our friends from Tucson who were nice enough to buy a house on Discovery Bay so we would have a nice place to stay when we rode through town.  We asked for a view of the water, and they delivered.  We did get relegated to the chicken coop guest house, but we’ve heard that some pretty upscale guest have stayed there.

I also got to have fresh local blackberries not once but twice with both a cobbler and coffee cake.  I am now fully carb loaded for riding tomorrow.


In spite of it being a rest day, we took a 4 mile hike on the Larry Scott Trail through Port Townsend.  It’s part of the Olympic Discovery Trail which we will come back for in the future and bring our fatter tire bikes.

Hiking on Larry Scott Trail



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  1. Hmmm, two beautiful women & a seedy character in a hat. Probably an attorney.
    Enjoy your stay in Belfair. Four Canabis shops w/in a stones throw of your motel. You should be good to go tomorrow morning provided you head in the right direction. Safe travels.

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