Bodega Bay to Novato

Bodega Bay to Novato

Things started out well, with a beautiful morning in Bodega Bay.

Then on the ride we ran into 300 hundred Harley riders celebrating our arrival.

Then after taking a final rest break to check navigation to our friends Tom and Judy outside of SF, Jan’s tire hit a ridge in the road as she was getting on her bike and she fell over.  We called T&J, who came and picked her up and took her to the ER.  She has a spiral fracture on a finger on her left hand and a crack in her right wrist.  They put temporary splints on both injuries and let her go.  She won’t be able to see the hand surgeon until Monday. Until then we don’t know what our nexts steps are.  She’s in good spirits and had a big dinner last night.


I will be off the blog until we know more.



  1. Yikes. So sorry to hear this. Your trip has been vicariously spreading ripples of joy and adventure -seems unfair to get hurt now.

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