Big Sur to San Simeon

Big Sur to San Simeon

The picture above shows the Ragged Point Inn, our home for the night, up the cliff in the trees.  It was a great view from there but no cell service or WiFi.  The guy who checked us in mumbled something about using a land mine, but that didn’t sound like a good idea.

Jan and I decided that our ride proved to us that there was an inverse relationship between the quality of the ride and the strength of the connectivity.  Great cell and internet in urban areas but the riding is dangerous and less enjoyable.  Once you get away from cell service the riding gets really good, unless something goes wrong.

The other thing that our research data has indicated, and of much more scientific importance, is that as we have traveled down from the Canadian border toward Mexico, It appears that it is getting warmer.  If this trend keeps up as we approach San Diego, I am going to write it up and try to get it published.  Very interesting.

JD and I had another nutrition discussion at breakfast and affirmed that we were definitely going to reduce breakfast volumes, and agreed that tomorrow would be the day we start.  Then we realized that tomorrow was the weekend…

We stopped at the elephant seal vista point, and there was indeed a vista where we could point at the elephant seals.  They apparently have been watching humans on the beach from afar and have adapted to their vacation style.  We made a small donation to a group raising funds to buy sun screen for the seals.

We found a sign explaining what the elephant seals were doing this time of year.

We didn’t see any fighting, but heard from someone that many of the younger males are instead going to junior hockey camp to learn to fight.

We took a couple mile hike up the beach to see other places where they were hanging out.  Here there was more activity as the seals played in the water while being cheered on by the pelicans on the rock.

On this narrow beach there was a sign that said “Parallel Sunbathing Only!”

Further down the beach we got a view of the Bud Light House.

On our ride we have seen sea lions and elephant seals.  In a couple days as we go toward Pismo Beach we will be looking for the long necked giraffe seals.  We will send pictures.

JD’s Daily Haiku

A stand out
Must plan a return
Ragged Point Inn paradise-
Much of a good thing!

Learned today how to
make like an elephant seal,
beached for a month

An elephant seal
fears not the lack of sunscreen.
Flicking sand protects.




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