Bellingham to Anacortes

Bellingham to Anacortes

We started the morning discovering both of JD’s new tubeless tires completely flat. However, this turned out to be a fairly typical problem with new tubeless tires not sealing properly and we we able to get them pumped up and holding air and we were off.
Today’s ride was a beautiful ride along the water, Bellingham Bay then Samich Bay and then Padilla Bay.  Some of it was over a couple of gravel paths, but our loaded bikes did fine and we enjoyed the break of being off the roads and without traffic.
The first 15 miles were especially spectacular as we rode through a canopy of tall trees on a road built on the side of a steep hill hugging the bays. The scenery was beautiful, the traffic was light, and the drivers courteous. This was a really unique riding experience for us riding up and down rolling hills through a dense forest and the smells and sensory exposure were tremendous.

Once we came out of the forest, it immediately open up to miles of flat agricultural fields with the bay on one side and mountains on the other.  It was instantly a totally different beautiful riding experience through corn fields and grazing pastures with cows, horses and Buffalo (Buffalo?,did I make a wrong turn somewhere?)

One of our daily tasks, is to find a stop about 15-20 miles into the days ride to recharge with good coffee and some energy food.  We were going to rate the shops, but as yet hadn’t found anything worth mentioning.  However, heading into the town of Edison we found this place advertising a farm to table bakery.  It was believable because it was adjacent to a farm.  We found a found a huge variety of just baked goodies and great coffee.  JD got a piece of blueberry pie and I selected a giant cinnamon bun, which cancelled out the 800 calories that I had just burned.  As a back up, I also bought what I consider my go to superfood, a chocolate brownie to go in case I needed an extra boost if I miscalculated the miles.  This place is definitely worth mentioning.

Our last highlight was finding a mile-long bicycle and pedestrian only bridge that crossed the Fidalgo Bay.  What a beautiful way to end the ride as we arrived in Anacortes  



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