Astoria to Manzanita, OR

Astoria to Manzanita, OR

The weatherman called it correctly as it started to rain immediately as we got on our bikes.  We had good rain gear but it was untested and in Arizona and Colorado if it’s raining we stay home. So this was a unique experience for us but our next temporary home was 45 miles down the road so we had to move on.  This was going to be a three day rain so we had to get used to it.

The first thing we had to deal with was riding with sun glasses in the rain.  It was already dark but when we tried going without, the rain would sting our eyes and we could  barely keep our eyes open.  But the sunglasses would quickly be saturated and fogged up so we had no good option but to just keep our heads down and keep pedaling.

Knowing that we would be spending a lot of time on 101 with traffic we wanted to make sure we were as visible as possible.  I spent a fair amount of time this summer testing different bike lighting systems.  I wanted to be visible from a quarter mile back in bright sunlight but also be able to last for a 6 hour ride on a single charge.  About the third set I found some red flashing LEDs that fit the criteria.  I knew we had the right lights when cars started pulling over because they thought we were the police.😁 The lights really paid off today, as in the dark rainy day we stood out from a half mile back.

I have to say the locals seem to be a hearty people.  When we rode past the golf course it was full.  Apparently, 50 degrees and raining is golf weather in Oregon.  When we got to the town of Seaside with the wind howling, half the people were in shorts.

Me, on the other hand, I needed an extra layer and dry socks.  I had been anticipating this need a week ago when I saw the weather report, but this was the first place that was big enough to have a sporting goods store.  In fact, there was an outlet store for both Nike and Helly Hansen so I would have no trouble finding some tights and wool socks.  But the Covid supply chain crisis was in full force, and unless you wanted small or XXL, there was nothing available, even socks.  I did find some leggings at a lingerie store but they only came up to my thighs.  Even though I looked pretty good in them, I didn’t get them because I didn’t want to distract the logging truck drivers.

We spent much is the day celebrating Lewis and Clark as we road on the Lewis and Clark Trail, crossing over the Lewis and Clark River, and by the Lewis and Clark National Park.  These guys must have been very popular here.  I still remember their music fro the 60’s.

We kept warm by stopping for coffee and a chance to dry out after 18 miles in Seaside and then after another 10 wet miles we stopped in Cannon Beach for a bowl of chowder.  The local specialty was different than New England version in that it had an R at the end of its name.

While at the restaurant in CB we noticed that the 20 -30 mph winds from the south that we had been promised finally arrived.  The sand along the beach was flying horizontally and the seagulls outside the window by our table we pointing south and were completely stopped in midair.  I think they were laughing at us.  We knew the last 13 miles was not going to be fun.

At Cannon Beach we were able to take a couple of beach pictures including their most famous landmark, Haystack Rock, which was built in 1953 as a tourist attraction.

The worst of the wind hit us as we were at the top of the last climb in an area that was very exposed on a cliff about 400 feet above the beach below.  When a gust blew into us and stopped us in our tracks, we figured the walking the bikes would be wise.

We finally made it to the hotel in Manzanita where we stripped down and cleaned up our gear and spread wet clothes all over the room.  We were still freezing, but when we looked out our windows all we could see were howling winds, rain, and Oregonians in shorts playing with their dogs on the beach.

JD’ Daily Haiku


Riding in the rain

feels like horse blinders on

sensing scenery


Coast hidden in mist

patternless waves breaking

Sand blowing north


Sometime today

blackberries disappeared

rain forest appeared


Sipping Pinot

eating steamers and crab cakes

a wet day ends




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