Anacortes to Port Townsend

Anacortes to Port Townsend

We left Anacortes on a cool cloudy morning.  We also had a strong wind from the south which meant that it was going to be headwind the the entire trip down the 35 mile length of Whidbey Island.  We had been promised a prevailing NW wind by the Washington State tourism website.  Apparently this is not a law and the weather can do anything it wants.

Jan was a little pokey over the first 5 miles. After multiple stops, she diagnosed the problem as a leaky valve.  Since she didn’t have a cardiac stent, she did what most Interventional Radiologists do and did the best with what she had on hand and fixed the problem with an inner tube.  She was then back on the bike kicking ass.  However, the delays were somewhat of a problem in that this was the only day in the next 6 weeks that we actually had to be on time.  We had a ferry schedule to meet at the bottom of the island.

We did get lucky in that we ran into a large organized ride with hundreds of cyclists riding to raise money to cure MS.  This was a welcome find as with limited roads on the Island, we had to deal with heavy vehicle traffic.  With lots of bikes on the road and support people on the corners of key turns it made for a more comfortable ride. We felt safer with the group, although there was always the possibility of an aggressive driver from a fringe group who was against finding a cure for MS based upon some convincing information they found on the internet.

The other great thing about the other cyclists is that we got to compare our riding against mostly younger riders.  Not only were we keeping up, we could actually pass a few on the hills even though we were carrying a heavy load.  Our Colorado conditioning was paying off.

Although, the clouds reduced the photo ops, it was still beautiful riding through farm fields and a lot of water as we road down the western coast of the island and then crossed over the island and rode down the eastern coast.

We had a rushed lunch in Coupeville as we had 5 miles to go and only 30 minutes before the 2 pm ferry.  I envisioned getting there as the ferry was leaving and having to jump the ramp.  We got there with minutes to spare, but found that there was a worker strike over vaccines and were working on a reduced schedule.  Forty five minutes later the ferry came in just as we got to experience our first Washington rain, the first they have had in 90 days.

We met 6 guys on bikes getting on the ferry who were also dong the Canada to Mexico trip.  We noticed that they were lightly packed, and learned that their spouses were in a car sagging their trip.  JD wouldn’t consider being my sag.

The days ride ended pulling into the beautiful town of Port Townsend.  Founded in the 1800’s and originally planned to be the capital of the state, but lost out when the railroad didn’t show up.  The town is beautiful with a lot of the old brick buildings.

Not a lot of pictures today because of the weather.


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  1. Coupeville, Whidbey Island, Anacortes – all bitter sweet when they roll off my tongue beautiful scenery but all places that were part of the Derek and Kathy separation. Keep pedaling.

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