It’s all downhill after the next curve!

I make this statement at least once on each ride. Although it is often wrong, after 71 years I can still convince myself it might be true to keep me moving. After 33 years, Jan sometimes believes it, but yells at me when she hits the next hill. It also works for life as it’s a great positive mindset believing that things gets better once you get past a temporary difficulty.


Great Adventure

Jan and I began talking about riding from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Coast in 2016 when we met a cyclist in Santa Barbara in the final days of his Pacific Coast Ride. After several delays, we decided this is the year, as next year I will be a year older and neither stronger nor smarter. I think the ride will be relatively easy. I looked at the map and Canada is way above Mexico, so a long downhill, and with us training in Colorado at 8,000 to 12,000 feet, while the coast is obviously at sea level, we probably won’t even have to breathe.
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Craig Hospital’s

Pedal 4 Possible

We are doing this ride to support Craig Hospital’s Pedal 4 Possible. Craig is a premier rehabilitation hospital for spinal cord injuries (SCI) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The funds we are raising will be used by the Don and Melba Rugg Assistive Technology Laboratory which develops and provides enabling technologies for SCI and TBI patients. Don Rugg was a research colleague of mine and an inspiration for me in my entrepreneurial endeavors.


For more information on the Rugg Assistive Technology Laboratory:   

We Are Here

Here is where we are today, and total miles and altitude climbed. We will not be updating donuts eaten.

Miles covered
Feet climbed

Our Blog

I will be providing a daily update of our Journey with pictures and random thoughts from an engineer with a lot of time to converse with himself. Jan hates her communication devices and doesn’t want anything to do with Social Media. To protect her privacy, I will only refer to her as Jan Doe or JD for short. She also hates having her picture taken but has promised me three pictures per state. Any other pictures of her that may appear on this blog were provided by unknown paparazzi.

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