Winchester Bay to Bandon, OR

Winchester Bay to Bandon, OR

Another beautiful day along the Oregon Coast.  We missed running into the Canadians at breakfast this morning.  They probably thought we were stalkers, so maybe they are avoiding us.

We started out the day on a long climb that made it difficult near the top to make the decision to divert off the road and climb even further to a park with another lighthouse. Assuming we could see it from the road, we rode on but found there was no viewing site.  I later googled it to see what I missed: nice lighthouse.

The rest of the mornings ride was the excitement of getting to Moe’s Bikes 18 miles down the road in North Bend.  The thought of an open bike shop to take care of all my needs had me supercharged.  As I got a mile away, I was just flying, and then I heard that all to familiar sound of a rear tire blowout.  What torture.

But it happened right near a park and I was able to to set up shop and show off my skill of fixing the flat.  Like an Indy 500 pit crew, I pulled off the panniers, took off the rack, removed the wheel, put the rim on a concrete bench, stomped, removed the tire, replaced the tube and then put it all back together and I was back on the road streaking to Moe’s.  However, we had one more obstacle and that’s the bridge over Coos Bay which we knew would be our second most dangerous water crossing.  However, we got past it by playing it safe on the steep uphill by walking on the narrow sidewalk and then screaming down the down hill side on our bikes keeping the cars from passing until we were safely down.

Moe’s was indeed open and I got everything I needed including two spare tires, tubes and patch kits.  Also had a good time chatting with Moe and learning about the new mountain biking trails they had just opened and were very proud of them.  We would pass by them later that afternoon.

In North Bend, we also found the hive of the queen log bee and now know where the worker log bees were heading.

After lunch we had 23 miles left, and was not really excited about what lay ahead of us.  The guide book described it as a long dry climb followed by not very interesting scenery.  However, what we found may have been the most pleasurable riding yet.  After the initial steep climb it settled into a continued climb but with gentle rollers through a dense forest.  There was absolutely no traffic but a  few locals as this was out of the way and less direct than 101.  We ended up riding the ridge at the top of the hill from which we had a dramatic 180 degree view to the east that with the clear skies we could see for 100 miles.  And to top it all off, they had just paved the road so it was smooth sailing with long fast descents.

At the bottom we ran into a golf Mecca.  When I realized during planning that I was going to be riding through Brandon Dunes and later, Pebble Beach, I thought about hiding my clubs in Jan’s panniers.  However, I decided against it when I considered that the tight, shiny, black shorts might catch on as a fashion statement for golfers and this would ruin golf.  You could never borrow a tee or ball marker from another player, and settling bets in the bar after the round would be most unpleasant.

Finally arrived in the town of Brandon to end a 58 mile day.  We did get to see another lighthouse across the harbor.

We also got to see art work created by an organization that cleans up the beaches and ocean and makes things out of what they gather.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Dunes recreational area
Seagulls fish the marsh
sand dunes hide the ocean, while
sea grasses rustle
North Bend
So this is where
tree loaded trucks are headed,
resolving shortage
Seven Devils Road
Endless trees surround-
graveyards, new growth, and matured
future investment
Gliding fast downhill
the last ten miles toward home,
on smooth new blacktop
Washed Ashore Artists
Sea lion Lidia
created from sea debris,
plastic pollution




  1. I should have told you about the Italian joint in Bandon: Angelo’s Italy. Good carbs. Your trip is fun to follow. Hurry home so I can win some of your money!

  2. We played the courses at Bandon dunes about five years ago, could have been ten, but the point is, we played. Seems like the tubeless tires are working out for you. Power thoughts from Colorado Bob

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