Heceta Beach to Winchester Bay, OR

Heceta Beach to Winchester Bay, OR

The picture above was from outside the only bike shop on our route today (the guitar reference in the window was because it was a bike and guitar store). It made us laugh.  I hope Tim feels better tomorrow, but I am a little suspicious of calling in sick on an absolutely perfect day with not a cloud in the skies and getting up to 70.  Maybe it’s the Oregon version of the Colorado powder days rule.

We did start off the morning with bike repair as both Jan and I had to change out our back tires.  We decided to do maintenance this morning because it was a low mileage day and the weather was perfect so no reason to get off early.  My new tire seal breaking technique was in yesterday’s comments, but I will repeat it here. This morning’s change out of the new tire involved putting the wheel rim on the edge of the bath tub, putting on one bike shoe, holding onto the shower curtain for balance and then stomping on the tire.
It worked! What? You were expecting a different outcome?

After we got everything put back together we headed down the road for 6 miles to find breakfast.  For the second day in a row we ended up at the same restaurant as the Toronto couple on the tandem.  They said that they were running late because he had a sidewall blow out on a back tire and had to change to the spare.  Yesterday, after hearing of my dilemma they offered to give me that spare (Canadians are just too darn nice).

Spotted this double double at a pee break.  I think it must bring good luck.


Since we were of the coast, I didn’t take a lot of pictures so I think I talk today about navigation.  We had guide books that described the best routes for cycling down the coast, but I didn’t want to ride with a map and turn-by-turn  list on my handlebars.  So I decided to create daily maps on Google Maps so that I could have a nice woman with an Aussie accent talk in my ear and guide me down the road.  If I would make a mistake, she would politely find a way to get me back on track.  She is much nicer than JD my regular nagigator (credit Steve Brown for that word).  So I spent a significant amount of time on the computer creating 40 detailed daily maps and then put a link to each map on the days calendar.  I could then just look at the calendar in the morning, clink on the link and up popped my personal map for the day’s ride.  I tested it out and it worked perfectly and I was so proud of my computer skills I did a little happy dance.

About two weeks before we were to leave, I decided to test it on my phone.  When I did, I notice it changed my map to conventional directions and removed all of the changes I made.  It was the same thing on my IPad.  I went back on my computer and checked and it showed the original map I had created.  It was like this on all 40 maps.  I searched the web to see what happened and found out that when you actually want to use the map you created on a mobile device and actually go some where instead of just looking at it on your computer, then Google takes over and tells you an even better way to go than you planned.  Thank you Google.

They did offer a fix if you want to use your own map on your phone.  You have to create your map on Google My Maps and then save it on Google Maps.  So I had to create 40 new maps on Google My Maps.  I got this done after hours on the computer, and when I pulled up the link off my calendar on my IPhone it actually showed my my map.  I was thrilled, but no happy dance this time.

When we got ready for riding on Day 1, I hit the link on my calendar and there was my map.  This was going to be especially great for JD who could Bluetooth the directions to her hearing aids. But when I tried to get the voice directions, Google again took over to let us know that we will make much better time on I5 rather than the back roads we wanted and no matter how many ways we tried, we couldn’t convince the program that I wanted to do it my way.  So we were totally Googled.

So I developed a backup navigation plan for the ride:


But even with all the maps and guidance, sometime you just have to go with your gut feel.  For example I decided to not go down this road, just had a bad feel about it.

The day’s ride ended at beautiful Winchester Bay.


We had one final challenge in that we were on the upper floor and there was this steep, tight, circular staircase between me and a shower.  So I took it on and was able to wrestle my bike up to the second floor.

Jan walked to the other end of the building and went up the nice wide, gradual set of stairs.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Brown hen
Eggs Henedict

spinach and avocados

strong start to the day
Short day
A vacuous mind
mesmerizing climbs/descents
adjacent sand dunes





  1. Mike –
    How is your nonexistent butt feeling after all these days in the saddle? Are you wearing 2 pairs of padded pants to compensate?

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