Gold Beach to Brookings, OR

Gold Beach to Brookings, OR

Another beautiful day in paradise.  Because of the extensive Oregon sunshine, we had to go to the store last night to restock on sunscreen.  We had only 30 miles today so we had a long breakfast and didn’t hit the road until nearly 11.
One of the many beautiful beaches below, but the sharks at this one were huge.

Part of the ride took us over the highest bridge in Oregon at 345 feet.  Decent shoulder and minimal traffic (I did let the logging truck go first) so it was a pleasant ride for us.

As we have ridden down the coast, we have had some bad timing issues where a recommended restaurant or bakery or bike shop was closed at the particular day we rode through town.  Part of it is COVID, but part is strange business hours, like a bike shop closed on weekends, or a restaurant open every day of the week but Wednesday or Thursday, or a coffee shop that doesn’t open until 11.  Today, after a pretty long climb we got to the elevated bridge only to find that diving and jumping were prohibited; so disappointing.

Tomorrow after breakfast a few miles down the road we will be leaving Oregon and entering California.  I have to say that riding the Oregon Coast has been visually the most spectacular experience I have ever had in all my years of riding.  I know we still have a Big Sur experience ahead of us, but the dramatic views from roads on cliffs overlooking the rugged coastline decorated with huge rock spires would be hard to beat.  And it was a special treat to see and experience this on a streak of perfect sunny  days with moderate temperatures was a bonus.  Oregon did start us with three days of rain, but it was a dry rain…..

One thing I won’t miss from our trip through Oregon was the constant reminder that we were in a Tsunami Hazard Zone most of the entire way through Oregon.  Living in Tucson at 3,000 feet and Colorado at 8,000 feet I have not had to deal with many Tsunamis, so I am unfamiliar with what I should do.  I spent much of my time in Oregon looking over my shoulder to see if there was a Tsunami behind me that I needed to out run.

JD’ Daily Haiku

Another disappointment:  Haiku writer off on Friday.




  1. Amazing how a few days of glorious weather/scenery can make you forget prior horizontal rain and sandblasting beach winds… That’s what lets us all keep going out to see what the day brings. Really glad you got to see what the Oregon coast has to offer. For the full experience, try it again in November

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