Fort Bragg rest day

Fort Bragg rest day

It feels great to have a day off and not worried about how many miles to go today.  I got to ride around town doing tourist things in Fort Bragg like finding the monument to the largest redwood ever cut (above) or riding down the flat beach bike path (below).

I called ahead a week ago to try the book massages, but most were closed because of COVID which has hit the massage industry hard. I guess the attempt at tele-massage did not work out.

I did find one place that was open but was booked except for one slot.  So who gets the massage?  Luckily, I knew the correct answer to this trick question.  Jan is out getting her massage now.  Always go with the “happy wife, happy life” rule, or in this case “happy bride, happy ride”.  The latter one having multiple implications.

I had an Amazon delivery of new socks waiting for me at the motel.  I ran a scientific experiment a week ago that involved thermodynamics, heat transfer, and materials science that produced a definitive answer.  I won’t bore you with the detailed report, but the conclusion was don’t try to dry a wet sock made of synthetic material by placing it on a bare lightbulb.  So for the last week I have had just 3 socks, and the third sock wasn’t much good because how do you decide which is you favorite foot that gets the dry clean sock?

We have a very nice room with a great view of the ocean adjacent to a state park with hiking trails.

Unfortunately there are no operational windows to open up.  There is a door to a ground floor balcony, but if I open it, a squirrelly dude runs in the room.  He probably heard from his Colorado bros what a sucker I am for little furry friends.

We had gotten a day ahead of our Canadian friends Deb and Mark but sitting on my balcony this afternoon, guess who came down the bike path.

Since I have the day off I can fill in a couple stories that I didn’t get to.  On one of the gatherings of fellow cyclists, I met Chris, a tall blond Californian who wore a helmet with a furry animal on it that looked like it was designed by that Arizona Shaman guy in the Buffalo hat running the Senate on January 6.  We started talking and it turned out that we were playing high school basketball in San Diego about the same time 50+ years ago.  He was three years younger than me so we didn’t play each other.  His claim to fame was that his team played Bill Walton’s team in the CIF finals their senior year and lost.  So I had to tell him my Bill Walton story. My senior year, I was the leading scorer and rebounder in a game that set the all time San Diego County single game scoring record when we scored 124 points in the game.  That record stood for three years until Bill Walton was the leading scorer and rebounder in a game that beat our record.  Walton went on to win multiple NCAA and NBA championships, but some say breaking all of my high school scoring records may have been his greatest achievement in basketball.  Who say? Well that is not important, and anyway the internet is no place to discuss controversial matters.

My other two stories are about flats, which you are probably tired of hearing about.  But these are good to know, so you can thank me later.  I mentioned earlier that I survived for two days with duct tape folded inside my tire to cover a healthy slit in my side wall.  A day or so later, someone reminded me of a better fix and that is to lay out a dollar bill inside the tire.  Apparently, because money has to survive a lot of abuse in all kinds of weather without falling apart, they are made of special paper that makes them really strong.  So there’s another reason we need a strong dollar.

The other story came from Moe back in North Bend and wins the award for road fix creativity.  He mentioned a friend who went out for a remote ride and got three flats, and with no patch kit and only two spare tubes in the middle of the forest he was in trouble.  His fix was to fill his tires with pine needles so he could ride to a place to get it fixed.

JD’s Daily Haiku
She’s back an she going big!

Second day of rain,
how many for an old redwood?
The Giants
Despite the rain
one can only feel joyous
riding the Avenue
Rob as an angel
is a new re-imaged view-
he saved us today
Mike is snoring now
what will become of the blog?
yet another day
Day 20 Redway to Fort Bragg
Climbing out of Leggett
The biggest challenge
becomes little once completed.
Hard days behind.
Lightened the load
to ease the long climb uphill,
SAG SAD Rob comes through!
North of Westport
Breaking out of trees
climbing to the rocky windy coast
contrasting scenes
Great rides
Every day seems EPIC,
more beautiful than the last
Westport coast south, wow!
Light rays shine through leaves
hitting the ground, raising mist
like a small smoke bomb




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