Brookings, OR to Klamath, CA

Brookings, OR to Klamath, CA

I posted before dinner last night so I need to add two things.  One was a beautiful sunset through the trees.  The second is a big shoutout to Pacific Sushi in Brookings.  What a great surprise to find a place in a small town that had some of the best and freshest sushi we have ever had.  It was truly great and this is not a reaction to our summer sushi deprivation.

We had breakfast at Matti’s on our way out of town based on a recommendation from a guy JD met at the laundromat (how could you not accept such advice).  It was a great breakfast for the ride: tasty, big, fast, and cheap (that’s what I’m talking about).  We also discovered that Matti has found a solution to the gender bathroom issue.

I do have one final peeve for the Oregon Tourism group to address.  Several times on the ride we saw signs saying Draw Bridge, but they never provided us with a pencil or paper.

Immediately after entering California, we had to go through a tax inspection station where they check to see what you have that they can tax.  When they found we weren’t riding on Interstate Highways but state and local roads, they said we’d have to pay a mileage charge.  I explained that everything on the bikes was metric so we weren’t going to be riding any miles, only kilometers, they let us pass.

Our first lighthouse on the California side in Crescent City, which apparently  provides guidance to kite surfers.

We had a beautiful 15 mile ride through a redwood forest.  We will have many of these rides over the next three days going through State and National Parks.  The picture below is a little deceptive.  The trees are not that tall, I just had JD make herself very, very small.

I think this is a monument to logging truck drivers.

Finally, we had a surprise at dinner when my older brother Bob dropped in on us.  He has agreed to sag for us on the next three days, which will be the hardest days of the entire trip averaging nearly 70 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing.  He was a very welcomed visitor

JD’s Daily Haiku

Rolling in
Welcome to Brookings
8 miles out, again at 5
warm welcome
5 star sushi dinner
one of two sushi choices,
local albacore
First redwood forests
massive trunks, towering tops
lush understory
Before the casino
Yurok Indians
fishing the Klamath river
in redwood canoes




  1. Your Brother Bob has been sagging me for 25 years now, so I am glad that you are allowing him to sag for you for a few days.

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