Bandon to Gold Beach, OR

Bandon to Gold Beach, OR

Woke up to another beautiful morning with a great view from the room.

We ran into Mark and Deb from Toronto at breakfast again as well as down the road today.  Our cycling clocks are in sinc.

A cranberry bog here in the world capital of cranberries.  Who knew.

The riding on the coast with clear skies and a tail wind could not have been more fun and breathtaking.

Jan wanted a picture with a different dinosaur than me.  Looking at the arms on this guy reminded me of a couple friends when the bar bill comes.

I’m here for the El Tour, where is everybody?

One more bridge to cross and our 58 mile ride with 3100 feet of climbing would be complete.

One of the amenities in the motels, besides soap and shampoo, are little packets of makeup removal cloth.  We find that they are much better than soap for removing chain grease from our hands and legs.  They are perfect for cleanups on the road after changing a tire.  It does make me wonder what women are putting on their faces that they need these.

JD’s Daily Haiku

Shared journey
Found a steady pace
leap froging with Canadians.
breakfast rendezvous
Out of Orford
Highway 101
riding with a tailwind
high above the coast
Specialty salad
Berries, greens, nuts, feta cheese
party in your mouth



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  1. I love the saying – party in your mouth:) The view is beautiful and Mike continues to be so humorous. Wanted to let you know that there are at least two more gifts of $5,000 coming in soon. You already are the best fund raisers of Pedal this year. Thank you! We hope funds keep coming in. Jacquie

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