Elma to Raymond, WA

We decided on the motel continental breakfast rather than the homemade cow pie biscuits at the Rusty Tractor because JD wanted to get an early start this morning.  However, in an attempt to impress JD with my strength, I blew a hole in my back tire with a hand pump.  She wasn’t impressed and I… Continue reading Elma to Raymond, WA

Belfair to Elma

We couldn’t find a breakfast place in town, so we improvised with some yogurt and fruit from the grocery and a latte from one of the little drive by shacks.  The coffee is good here but I need to give the local baristas in Washington a lesson on the proper art of steaming the milk.… Continue reading Belfair to Elma

Port Townsend to Belfair

We had a wonderful evening with Patti and Dave sitting by the water drinking port and eating s’mores.  Patty had a great variation to the traditional recipe by offering a choice of Herseys with almonds, Reese’s peanut butter cups, or a Heath bar.  Great way to end our rest day. After a solid nights sleep… Continue reading Port Townsend to Belfair

Day off in Port Townsend

Hiking on Larry Scott Trail

We decided to schedule a rest day on Sunday in Port Townsend to visit with Patti and Dave, our friends from Tucson who were nice enough to buy a house on Discovery Bay so we would have a nice place to stay when we rode through town.  We asked for a view of the water,… Continue reading Day off in Port Townsend