Fort Bragg to Gualala, Ca

These beautiful flowers are in found small patches at various places along the coast.  Because of the local drought, every thing else is brown so they really stand out in contrast.  At first we thought the were fake because of their unusual location and the fact that they are in full bloom going into October.… Continue reading Fort Bragg to Gualala, Ca

Fort Bragg rest day

It feels great to have a day off and not worried about how many miles to go today.  I got to ride around town doing tourist things in Fort Bragg like finding the monument to the largest redwood ever cut (above) or riding down the flat beach bike path (below). I called ahead a week… Continue reading Fort Bragg rest day

Eureka to Redway, CA

The quiz today is where does the word sag come from?  To a cyclist it’s a word common in his vernacular and knows what it means and that it can be used as a noun, a verb, or an adjective.  However, when I told my visiting brother that he could be our sag, he didn’t… Continue reading Eureka to Redway, CA

Klamath to Eureka, CA

Today’s puzzle from the picture above is called “Where’s JD?”. When I would tell people that we were going to stay in Klamath, nobody had heard of it.  This surprised me because I had heard about it for quite a while.  We’ll it turns out what I was thinking about was Klamath Falls, OR.  Klamath,… Continue reading Klamath to Eureka, CA

Bandon to Gold Beach, OR

Woke up to another beautiful morning with a great view from the room. We ran into Mark and Deb from Toronto at breakfast again as well as down the road today.  Our cycling clocks are in sinc. A cranberry bog here in the world capital of cranberries.  Who knew. The riding on the coast with… Continue reading Bandon to Gold Beach, OR